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"Le terroir n'est pas une chose fixe, en termes de goût ou de perception. C'est une forme d'expression culturelle qui n'a jamais cessé d'évoluer..." J. Nossiter.

Starting in March 2010, this blog will be devoted to those who champion the transmission of past knowledge into the present: I don't naively defend tradition, or condemn 'modernity' out of hand.

So many blogs explain 'cool' new experiences in wine and food... blah blah blah... I hope to show the ephemerality of the 'new', and (perhaps) an original standard for qualitative value, a la Bergson... Join me in the effort: viva Jerez, Jura, Hvar, etc.!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Muscadet Yesterday & Tomorrow

When did 'Sur Lie' become a regulated 'necessity' for Sevre et Maine?

Why was this regulation restricted to Muscadet? (Jo claims 12 percent alcohol is easy to reach: who needs more?)

What, after all, is a 'Dada' wine? (video to come soon...)

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