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"Le terroir n'est pas une chose fixe, en termes de goût ou de perception. C'est une forme d'expression culturelle qui n'a jamais cessé d'évoluer..." J. Nossiter.

Starting in March 2010, this blog will be devoted to those who champion the transmission of past knowledge into the present: I don't naively defend tradition, or condemn 'modernity' out of hand.

So many blogs explain 'cool' new experiences in wine and food... blah blah blah... I hope to show the ephemerality of the 'new', and (perhaps) an original standard for qualitative value, a la Bergson... Join me in the effort: viva Jerez, Jura, Hvar, etc.!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Charming Cornas

Cornas... why don't more lists feature wines from here?! I so clearly recall clambering up Clape's rocky vineyards in ripped jeans on my hands and knees for a full 30 minutes in 2006 - the soil was scarlet-red, so filled with iron it left me with scars that I treasure... So I tasted a 2001 Courbis 'Eygats' with my staff tonight, how beautiful it was... these wines take 8-10 years to open up and show their bloody-iron, lavender-peppery stuff, sure, but why not wait? 2 years ago, this wine was heavy and inky and slightly closed, but now it's lively - lithe, certainly, charming, even... tasting this wine tonight proved ONCE AGAIN how place trumps varietal - all Syrah, sure, yet the Cornas-esque-ness here was EVERYTHING...

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