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"Le terroir n'est pas une chose fixe, en termes de goût ou de perception. C'est une forme d'expression culturelle qui n'a jamais cessé d'évoluer..." J. Nossiter.

Starting in March 2010, this blog will be devoted to those who champion the transmission of past knowledge into the present: I don't naively defend tradition, or condemn 'modernity' out of hand.

So many blogs explain 'cool' new experiences in wine and food... blah blah blah... I hope to show the ephemerality of the 'new', and (perhaps) an original standard for qualitative value, a la Bergson... Join me in the effort: viva Jerez, Jura, Hvar, etc.!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Older Alsace

What is it about older Alsace wines that continue to haunt one? Tasted the 1998 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer 'Herrenweg de Turckheim' again tonight... at 15% alcohol, it was fairly hot & slightly lacking in fruit, yet so soy & vanilla & cola & light cumin-driven, it really engaged... tired, a bit, yet the wine lingers in the mind well after the taste falls away... a 'cerebral wine'? ... Purposefully tasted ahead of my 3-week tour of Alsace, including Olivier, starting 16 May, stay posted...

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